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Re: High Ukemi Help?

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I... I don't understand the need to self-launch to that high position.
In our aikidō (Endo/Tissier) we throw uke in a way which "guides" him to the ground. Even the high breakfalls don't require jumping but just to "move around the point" of the conctact.
Here is an example of shiho nage. Uke just has to become flexible, soft, so he will fall easyly.

But you can throw shiho nage also in a way that you don't guide uke down so he has to jump over the locked joint. And this is also the case with kote gaeshi etc.. So if sou don't jump you will damage your wrist, elbow, shoulder.

Here in Germany the students of Asai sensei (aikikai Germany) throw this way: And if you are not aware of the different way of being thrown ukemi can be dangerous.
The people of iwama ryu that I know also throw this way that you have to jump.
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