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Re: High Ukemi Help?

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I understand being able to fall or roll safely if projected quickly or thrown from a high position but I don't understand the need to self-launch to that high position. Can someone who practices this exercise shed light on why?
Jun, if you think this should be spun off as a separate thread to avoid drift, please do so; not sure how.
I assume you mean jumping over pads like that? When we had pads around, we would do this from time to time. For us it's just falling practice. Having to fall over an object in front of you is a big mental hurdle for some. So you throw some pads up there and let people have at it and see what they're comfortable with. There's no point to building up a stack to the point that you have to launch over it other than knowing that you can take the fall that's waiting on the other side. It's nice to know you can if you need too and sometimes you do need it.
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