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Well offence and defence can be considered a product of range,. A fighter aircraft is a defensive weapon whereas recon can be considered the eyes of an offensive force. However, the SR-71 is elegance personified - that is just one beautiful/elegant design.

Anyway I think the key word for elegance is simplicity. Minimal movement delivering maximum effect and that pretty much matches the wikipedia definition. I have seen some Aikido demonstrations that had all sorts of extras that destroyed any sense of elegance and some brutally simple moves that were the height of elegance. Strangely (or perhaps not) the most elegant moves I've seen were in unscripted randori whereas human nature being what it is - the concept of elegance was destroyed with the martial flourish in demonstrations. This I think is true in Judo, Karate, name your flavour.
SR-71=WMD and man made = unnatural were my points of contention. I said nothing of offense versus defense. If you posit that using ones senses is an act of offense then we can have another thread to clarify that position.

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