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Re: How long does it really take?

Both of you, thank you for your answers
Perhaps "master" was a bad word to use (as it can be argued that you never truly master something, or "you are only finished when you die" type mentalities).

David, that would seem natural, yes, that it depends greatly on your teacher, yourself, and your dojo. While maybe I should have been more clear on that, that is covered under what I meant by "intensity". Instead, I meant that the general consensus that I often see, are that no matter what, you should not expect anything, for use in self defence, for many years. Many often talking about how extremely difficult Aikido is. My point was merely that the great masters of the past, didn't seem to require that much time.

Peter, indeed, within a year would seem reasonable. But then there are many that say 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or more (and of course those that say that Aikido will never be of use to you in self defence).

Anyway, thank you both for your answers
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