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High Ukemi Help?


I am a 4th kyu and recently my sensei has decided for all of us to focus on our ukemi a bit more. What I seem to have trouble is really throwing myself over high enough for ukemi.

For example, we will stack 6x sparring pads on the ground. I don't know the exact hight but it is about a 4 ft high that I must jump over. I just can't seem to get myself any higher than that. Sometimes I will even hit the pads. My problem is not falling, but actually jumping to that hight.

Is there a specific way to jump over? I have seen a beginner being able to jump about 5 feet in the air without a running start 0_o. My ukemi is OK, I can do back break falls and front break falls soft and hard, but this is really something im struggling with!
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