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Re: Kiai

Chuck Gordon (LOEP) wrote:
Probably, then, you aren't doing it (maybe haven't been taught to) properly.

A vocalized kiai (and the don't have to be vocalized, folks, kiai is NOT spirit shout!!!), should not hurt and should not strain the throat.

You can learn to generate an enormous, crisp, wave of sound if you learn the proper technique and learn to relax whilst doing it.

Think of opening your throat, not closing it. Use 'round' sounds ...

A kiai is commonly known as a spirit shout. Why do you say it isn't?

I agree that the throat should be relaxed when you do this. However the act of doing an actual kiai is a tremendous outburst of energy. If it weren't so, it wouldn't be an actual kiai.

I made a mistake in my previous post. William Reed mentions kiai in his book Ki: A Practical Guide for Westerners pg 87-88. He does not talk about limiting practice, so that must have come from my own instruction. However, he does say
William Reed wrote:
Don't overdo kiai practice or you will strain your voice. Volume is not the objective. The purpose of kiai is purification and mind-body unity in an instant..
I just do the traditional "ee-yay-ee!..." sound.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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