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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

One of the reasons I started Aiki-Jujutsu was because I used to do Judo and was taught that Judo meant the 'Gentle Way'. I then learnt that another way of translating and expressing 'Ju' was to yield. I then began to understand alot more what it meant by gentle. The 'art of yielding' is how I interpret Jujutsu and it is training my body and mind to become adept at this science that inspires my imagination and motivates me. When people talk about their old karate days etc. and how much drilling they were put through I don't feel inferior because for me to be 'hard' and fight strength with strength doesn't appeal to me. I have chosen my path and one day I hope to be the best Jujutsuka I can be and hopefully inspire others. I think it's about being honest with what your art does and does not do or teach. If there are Aikidoka who feel so insecure then perhaps they are ill at ease with the philosophy of blending and harmonizing and this is something that needs addressing - how do they want to resolve conflict situations? Which path do they want to take?
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