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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

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why is it that so many practioners of aikido have such an inferiority complex about being a martial art? now i am not saying this baout all people i know that there are many people that are secure in what they do, but in all the arts i have studied there seems to be more of an issue with aikidoka being uncomfortable with what they do.
All the arts you've studied? How many arts is that, and what's your experience in them? What's your experience in aikido?

I'm not challenging your training, but I am challenging your generalization. You're claiming that "so many practitioners of aikido" have a certain form of neurosis, and that this doesn't exist to nearly such an extent in other martial arts. I don't have a problem with someone saying, "I trained at a karate dojo for two years and a judo dojo for three years, and now I've trained at this aikido dojo for three years, and I have to say, people at my aikido dojo have this weird thing..." It's when someone makes broad generalizations and asserts large-scale trends as you have done that I want to see the data.

I'm also curious if you've noticed a trend in the demographic of people who have this attitude. Do you observe this across the board, irrespective of age, gender, etc.? Or do you see some patterns?
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