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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

man i don't know why people get upset about these comments, any martial art can be accused of not being complete, equally there are many aikidoka maybe some on thisboard who call out TKD for using high kicks, in the end who cares

find a good teacher train hard and be ral about the short comings of what you do, if you feel too uncomfortable about it do something else or cross train.

Don;t get into wee arguements with people about in ins and outs of fighting or street fighting. if anyone calls me out about the fails of the arts that i study, i can easily agree with them and then we can actually have a conversation. anything that goes along the lines of "well lets see what you can do" is essentially useless and proves nothing. also dropping the names of certain sensei that do something (can't think of one right now) isn't so useful be open and honest with yourself, aikido isn;t the best art in the world, not the worst either, true love is when you see the flaws and love anway
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