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Smile Re: Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?

Brian Beach wrote: View Post
I've done both. Hapkido. They are different arts. They look externally similar but how they execute them is different.

I look at Hapkido as a generalist art. There is a bit of everything. Striking, Kicking (a lot), Judo type throws, joint locking, chokes and a limited amount of ground work. Each is good but not as specialized as other arts. If you want to learn ne waza, take judo or BJJ. If you want to lean striking take karate, etc. Although their kicking is the most extensive I've seen, even more than Tae Kwon Do.

It is a very good self defense art. Compare Krav Maga and HKD. (HKD was doing it first ) We also did "MMA lite" style sparing which was very helpful. Judo type throws, kicking, punching and rolling if you ended up on the ground. I could never pull off aikido waza in sparring until I started taking Aikido and changed my thinking about how they were achieved. Where were the appropriate opportunities and what kuzushi was necessary and how to achieve it. I did the same with Judo. Cross trained for a couple of years.

Hapkido is a comprehensive system but basically it is a Jujutsu base with striking added. So it is as different from Aikido as Jujutsu is from Aikido. I think that you will find the two methods to be conflicting. I came from Hapkido (2nd Dan) to Aikido, where it gave me a lot to build from I had to relearn similar techniques. The maai is different and the desired outcome is different, the ukemi is different. I think you'd be better served learning a strictly striking art if you plan to stick with Aikido as your primary art. If you are still "shopping" arts Hapkido is a good art and you should give it a try.
Bravo, Brian.

I love Hapkido: So much that I've joined an aikido dojo (that also offers some jujutsu training) and will continue with karate along with occasional drop-ins for judo or BJJ mat work, as time permits. Ahhh so much to do, so little time...must prioritize & balance.

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