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Re: Training TKD/Karate while taking aikido?

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Training in two arts doesn't necessarily mean that you train 6 days a week (although I train 7 days a week, and have for many years).
It doesn't necessarily...but for practical purposes, how often do you think a relative beginner to both arts would have to train in order for it to "take"? A lot of people cite three days a week as a good number to get steady progress, which is where I came up with six. I think the bigger stumbling block, though, is the "on an ongoing basis" part. This is why you see so many people drop out of dojos after a month or two: it was ok for a short period of time, but they just can't see themselves spending this many evenings, year in, year out, on this activity. And even if it's just two days a week per style, that's more evenings out of the home than most people are prepared to spend on an ongoing basis.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Anyway, I'm not arguing the time restrictions, just the interference part. I think that it's a red herring, and mostly used to try and keep people from branching out.
Probably. Regardless of how it's used, however, I think it has some validity when you're talking about someone who's new to both styles (although I wouldn't call it "interference" exactly - not sure what word I would use).
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