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Chris Evans
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Blush! we're in Berkeley!

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Read your #2 post with an objective perspective. Maybe that conveys a message you did not intend but it reads stangely to me.

Smoking? You're the one in Berkeley! Although there was a funny odor in the dojo last Wednesday eve ...
over thinking, seeing, and smelling things with imaginative assumptions?

the only oder you might detect from me are my sweaty body order, unless i am talking too much, then perhaps halitosis or hot curry from Kabana.
As a zazen student, I care not for mind bending substances, aside from a pint from the Triple Rock or the Jupiter breweries.

Berkeley is a fine place for all kinds of folks, a boon of a town for those of us that enjoy the combative arts or sports along with all its cultural diversity, but too bad we no longer have our own rifle range. Personality, contact competitions and martial sports have their place, as secondary outlet for the primary importance of earnestly learning a "real" martial art (or two).

P.s. in that BART incident, I did not sense the need to throw even one punch or strike...that perp' walked away abruptly after colliding with me when I jumped in the middle of that beating.

Big hug. (here i am not being ironic or trying to be funny, just sincere)

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"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools."
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