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Re: Sensei?

Yannis Mousoulis wrote: View Post
In the same way that we bow,we wear Gi and Hakama,we say "Ikkyo" instead of
"first immobilization" and "kote gaeshi" instead of "the turning of the wrist", the term Sensei is an inseparable part of a dojo's protocol and it should not be neglected because discipline and respect is part of Aikido training.For that reason,in my opinion, it is not out of context even in a non-japanese dojo.Steven Seagal sensei once said that once someone a sensei, you refer to him as sensei whether he is on or off the mats.In our dojo we call sensei only the head instructor of the school and not every senior student who will take the Kamiza for a lesson...I think it is not a matter of rank, one should be considered a sensei when he runs his own dojo.
Discipline and respect certainly aren't limited to the Japanese language.

Sometimes I wear the funny clothes - and sometimes I don't, and it doesn't seem to affect things very much one way or the other. They wear different funny clothes and use different words now then they did some years ago, even in Japan - things change, don't they?

Now, while we're at preserving the tradition - there's really no such word as "Gi" in Japanese.



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