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Re: Hiroshi Tada Interview - Part 4

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
Some very interesting things in that article, IMO.

This quote stood out;

"For example, even if your mind and body have both been white up until now, if your mind becomes red your body will also become red in an instant"

I wonder, was this a random example, or was there something specific hinted at? (I haven't read the Japanese original).
Good catch! The original was:


Which is pretty straightforward on the face of it - but yes, the "red" and "white" seems to hint at deeper things. There were quite a few references to red and white by Morihei Ueshiba, for example from "Aiki Shinzui":

気の御(み)わざ 赤白魂(たま)や ますみ玉 合気の道は小戸(おど)の神技(かむわざ)

OTOH, red and white is a pretty common way of dividing things in Japan (like saying "black and white" in English, in a way), so it may just be the example that came to mind.



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