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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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Hi Gary.
Interesting that you point out your history for I understand it only too well.

Most times, and I mean most, on meeting other Aikidoka or other martial artists over the years they too had little reality on Ki and non-resistance and how and why. Having learned apparently differently to them I therefor put it down to bad teaching for many years. Now however I would say it's a matter of both sides of the coin both teacher and student. Students may say they were never taught and teachers may say such students would never study enough.

However each case is different. A person can know and demonstrate and yet not be so good at getting it across to others. So in this case it's not a matter of not knowing the answers but more of not knowing the differences in the different students and how to get them from their point to the desired point. On the other hand a student may not want to do the things the teacher says because they are in a hurry or many other reasons. Either way it slows progress. Many reasons for how things get lost and omitted.

I think you misunderstand me......I said we had the same beginnings, but we don't have the same realities. I am real clear on what was being taught at the time by the source instructors, I know folks who had close ties (in the 70's) with Tohei Sensei, who had long talks and discussions with him...we didn't get more than preliminary understandings and thought that was enough. The question still has to be answered as to what these teachers actually knew and were willing to pass along....or....what they didn't know to start with.

It has only been recently that there has been enough cross training with folks in parts of both Japanese and Chinese martial arts, arts with established applications of internal training with IP/IS, other folks who can actually translate, who have access to written documents that we can even question what we were originally given, Questions that even though only partially answered so far add doorways to reaching depth and substance were maybe only a framework existed before.

I am not asking you to accept what I see as reality, and I am surely not going to try to change what you see as real.....just telling you how it is for me.

as always
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