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Re: Training TKD/Karate while taking aikido?

Thank you, I have also heard about the "footsie" mcdojangs. My friend went to one for half a year and told me it was the biggest waste of time and money! The owner literally had them doing kicking drills and forms for the whole class, sparring was outlawed and so was tournaments.

There is also a second option for me to take extra aikido classes at another dojo. My current one does not offer any extra aikido classes exept private(which cost a pretty penny) classes. With that schedule I would be taking around 10 hours hours of aikido per week. I do not have any iwama dojos near me, and as far as I know my current sensei DOES teach atemi for practical purpose, but we never do it in drills, we are only shown how to apply eye,groin gouging and punch/kneeing. Both senseis at both dojos are 7th dan respectively.
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