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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Some thoughts.....

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Most times I use words that do mean what they say and not what others think they mean too.
I am sure that the words you use are clear to you......though many of them have multiple meanings depending upon the context in which they are framed and the environment they describe. That is ok because I have to use them framed in my environment and context.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Dan's types of questions he poses are standard procedure in my way of Aikido. Thus I don't think it's down to culture or hiding things but more down to enquiry on both sides of the coin, teacher and student.
Much of what I was shown and taught comes from the same line as yours, so we have similar starting point. As for the drills and tests taught back then......I am just now getting the substance to place on the frame work. I have gotten bits and pieces from a number of people over the years and I struggled to incorporate these clues into a patchwork of this and thats. It is only been lately that with the help of friends like John Clodig and Dan Hardin that I have kind of reached a tipping point and can make some sense of out the drills we got 35 years ago. And in looking back it is clear to me that we were not given all of the tools...and people were asking then...... so the question remains.....did these teacher know the answers and not pass the information on or did they them selves not know..... You decide.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Unfortunately there is not enough and that has always been the case.
I think the approach here should be inquiry between peers.....then both the teacher and the student...all teachers and students...benefit. I don't see enough of this.

as always

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