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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Lovely saying...and it is not my own. It's from a Chinese grandmaster who taught in Japan for 11 years. Including two of Sagawa's students.

Many people in Japan talked to me about Ki.
When asked "Where is yin? Where is yang?
So where then, is this Ai-ki?
You cannot pretend Dantian
You will be found out.

The quandary for most is that
You cannot be soft
Without being strong
How can this be?
How is it done?
I say the answer lies in
"Aiki in me, before aiki between thee and me."
Ueshiba knew that and cited that...Heaven/earth/man...released the mountain echo.
A body so tough and resilient that the opponent...bounced...or echoed off.
He was famous for it?

For those taking part in his lineage....
How did he do it?
What did he mean?
Why does it have immeasurable value in producing aiki?

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