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Re: Training TKD/Karate while taking aikido?

if I may, I have trained, for years, in "traditional" taekwondo (TKD), emphasizing American kickboxing, and in Seido karate, years, with a bit of Kyokushin karate jissen kumite (knockdown sparring). I've had brief exposure to MMA sparring (can't get enough, that's awesome experience). I consider hapkido as my "base" art. I have competed in Sport (point) karate and in WTF TKD. I have only started training in aikido.

WTF TKD can teach you habits that can hurt you in a protection/self-defense/saving-life/unarmed combat -- please pick your own euphemism.

"traditional" martial arts oriented TKD dojang are hard to find: good luck with that. Most of them play "foot boxing" -- looking to win in games or in "fighting," but if they are ernest with head punches and leg kicks in a continuous sparring along with some time devoted to self-defense drills then you've got lucky.

kartate or TKD, IMHO, are easier to learn the basics then aikido, judo, jujutsu, or jiujitsu (BJJ): I recommend full hearted training in an aiki-budo, iwama aikido, or any aikido dojo that relishes hard training with attention to atemi -- striking or distractions. Many aikidoka are even worse than moving-yoga-kararteka with fostering delusional and overly comfortable skills, but it's hard to know when you just need to relax and first learn the physics or when to apply resistance and unpredictable movements. Watch out for pajama dancers in either dojos that are welcomed for paying the bills.

learn a martial art first then play martial sports, but to learn any basics, you may want to invest a few years at one art, four to six times a week, under the direction of a decent, open minded, sensei and their advanced students. Rarely does one art at a fee based public dojo will you get you a complete base.

If I was your friend, I'd say try aikido first then cross train in boxing, kickboxing, or muay Thai or a place that works on head punches and kicks to legs.

aikido and judo teaches you how to fall, utemi, that's very useful in life and prepares/toughens you well for any other martial arts, including full and continuous contact karate.


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