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Re: Tozando dogi recommendations, austere training

David Ederer wrote: View Post
I've bought both the Tozando seersucker gi and the waffle style. I thought the seersucker was the most comfortable gi I've every owned. Unfortunately it didn't last as long as I would have liked for a gi at that price point. It would definitely NOT stand up to a judo type of practice.

It looks like they redesigned the waffle gi since I bought mine. I was never really comfortable in the waffle gi. It seemed to rub in all the wrong places. After a hard practice I'd have raw marks on my neck. After about 10 uses and washings I put it on a shelf and haven't touched it for a couple of years.

Based on some recommendations on aikiweb I bought the very inexpensive 9 oz gi from and have been pleasantly surprised. They are cool enough for our Florida summer training, seem to wick sweat well and have been standing up to a lot of training and washing. It's definitely become my preferred year round gi for life in Florida.

I own one of Tozando's heavy weight Premium gi tops. It's great for our occasional cold day and would also work well for judo. Very good quality.

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