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Re: Masakatsu Agatsu

Masa Katsu A Katsu Katsu Haya Bi

I think for Ueshiba, this was a very important concept. If we look at IP/aiki training, we find that we have to let go of strength, let go of preconceived notions, let go of techniques, let go of wanting to impose our will upon another, let go of blending/harmony as it is seen in Modern Aikido. Ueshiba was proud of his physical strength and muscles until he met Takeda. I would think that Ueshiba had a very hard road to travel in his IP/aiki training to let go of all that. His victory was of the Self.

Ueshiba become stronger, not physically but in the way of aiki. To do that he found he had to focus completely on himself for the true/correct/right way to get better in aiki. IMO, he found that aiki training was the Correct Victory in overcoming his old Self.

The training itself comprised of a core set of principles, one of them being contradictory forces. But, the training was all focused on Self and in building an aiki body.

For us, we would say, the correct training is focusing on being the best you can be by using contradictory forces and spirals. If you train this way, you will develop capturing center on contact and your uke will automatically move where you move. Because of this, techniques will just happen spontaneously.

For Ueshiba, he talked in spiritual terms, so he said things like the stuff listed below because it held dual (or more) meanings. The Japanese love to find phrases with multiple meanings.

The True and Correct Victory is found by overcoming Self with the connecting of two things.
I am standing on the bridge.
I am the Universe.
Take musu aiki.
I am aiki.
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