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Re: How to Turn

I won't spend any more time on this.

This is a discussion thread about a column called How to Turn. I know because I wrote it. In the comments someone made a categorical statement that was obviously wrong. I pointed that out.

I don't understand why you keep trying to defend something that was wrong. And when I point out an error it's deliberately taking this over-literally? But when you pointed out an error yesterday it was OK? That's hypocrisy.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
He's an old timer, for sure, but how did he get to be "one of the founders of aikido in the USA"? The way that I count the numbers, Aikido was well established in the USA by the time he even met Ueshiba in '64.
I have not discussed fire and water except in some blog posts. For example, wind forest fire mountain. I certainly have never said they should not be paired together or that they are not important. So if you want to discuss them in the context of How to Turn please do. Otherwise start a different thread.

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