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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

A couple of years ago a biography of Janne H was released. Alas, only in Swedish for you non swedish speakers out there. There are a lot of gems in this one, let me tell you!
One of the more fun ones-which, btw, he also relayed to me personally at a party-was about one of his encounters with Chiba K. on the canvas of the mat's of Hombu dojo.

As a side note, these encounters, i believe, also speaks numbers to those who have not met him, but still find it relevant to judge his technical abilities based on a spoof demo.

The encounter in question went about in the same way as it did most times with Janne. He would work out with his partner, Chiba K. in this case, and if an opportunity for some fun revealed itself he wold take it. Chiba was about to perform Iriminage when Janne simply just ducked under and took Chiba's back, lift him up, bear hug style, and let him down outside the mat. His words, my translation: "One has to be able to have some fun, no, but Chiba he went bananas and wanted to fight. The instructor stepped between though..."

Recently Okumura S. Sensei (you know, the senior most instructor at hombu dojo before he died 2008 after present Doshu) was asked about this particular event in an interview about Janne's life in Japan. He simply said: (My translation) "That, if anything, indicate the level of Hermansson's skill, if he could pull that off on Chiba." I like the fact that he didn't with a word indicate if he felt it was an in-appropriate behaviour on Janne's part. Okumura Sensei was old school...

Ellis wrote about his travels to Yoshinkan dojo and Iwama dojo. The latter of the two, at least, has calmed down dramatically since many years, due to the fact that Saito M. sensei would clearly loose face anytime anything happened with a guest. Janne himself is way to modest and humble to talk down on any teacher or school, but he really liked both Yoshinkan school and Saito M sensei. It was simply good hard training to him. He wouldn't classify them as different styles. Not back then at least.
About that one time in Iwama, he says that he was working out with one local hot-head there who would try to reverse Janne's iriminage. Janne kind of lost his temper after a while of that and simply lift the man up and dropped him down (pro-wrestling style on his upper back/head). The guy was K.O:ed and, while Saito M himself wasn't present, Mrs Saito apparently got mad about it! According to Janne Saito M himself didn't care much about it (he had himself to blame so to speak). They all had a party in the evening but Janne still decided to leave the following morning. Saito M. was old school too...


Jakob Blomquist
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