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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

if he's good, you might get one chance to...
kick to knee,
punch or elbow to face,
knee trust to vitals, or
break wrists or shoulders
...then you'll be taken down for ne-waza, if your one strike did not penetrate enough.

which is why i must resist laughing at karate dojo jiju kumite that limits to point sparring - speed tag with delusions of control, for most --, above the belt only and "light" head contact, no face contact.

however, when I am at a kyokushin karate dojo, I am not laughing -- usually trying to control by breath, summon courage, and pick myself off the mat, again...

the striking i've learned from kyokushin (and in MMA) sparring has made be value developing one-strike one-kill mindset and waza, while BJJ "rolling" made me appreciate all the opportunities to learn.

Atemi, indeed, is 90% of "aikido" or any physical contact.


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