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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Just to add my two pennies worth, for my next grading I have to demonstrate knife defence techniques. For the last couple of weeks I've been working on them in preparation and as this is the first serious training I've done with knives (tantos naturally) it has given me a new found respect for just how dangerous knife attacks are. Now I know knife attacks are dangerous and would never like to find myself in that situation, but one of the reasons I love Aiki-Jujutsu so much is because it deals with self-defence situations and tries to find realistic solutions. My sensei expects me to be able to respond to any of the potential knife attacks I will get in the grading without thinking, just to respond naturally and instinctively. This will require much practice but it is good to train in this way, to be able to test yourself and see what you are capable of. My problem is that I am still thinking too much when the attack comes into me, I want to just adapt my kata to the situation but when you realize that you will only have one chance in a knife attack situation, realistically speaking, you realize just how narrow the margin for error is. This is incredibly valuable for self-defence and gives you wisdom to know the best self-defence is avoidance completely. It really does help you grow in character and wisdom as well as giving you techniques and training in how to respond in threatening and dangerous situations.
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