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i feel like kyokushin is ok for punches to the head. in kyokushin, the fighters condition their hands more than mma. i feel like mma is one big mcdojo honestly. why don't they call it pankration? isn't that what it's supposed to be? also the f*** you aura of mma turns me off, that's why i don't touch the stuff anymore. maybe plain western boxing could help my bobbing, weaving and overall head-hunting game...but not mma i cant stand mma. even though at the same time, mixing kyokushin and aikido is in the realm of mixing martial arts...i don't see it as the same deal whatsoever. the only MMA i ever see myself going for would be daidojuku (Kudo) from japan but even then it doesn't have the same allure for me that kyokushin does.
MMA experiences vary.

I've sparred with guys with years of BJJ base and solid kickboxing (with leg kicks) skills and fitness.

Really insightful on how to adapt my karate training -- such as the want of more anerobic conditioning and the reliableness of punching over kicking: kicking, what I had thought was my forte, drained a lot of energy vs. fit MMA players.

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