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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The culmination of attaining a level of power where few can stop you does not have to be a power play though is it? And it very much can lead and does lead to the "How the heck did that happen?" feeling.
Dan, I agree with you. And I have felt that kind of very soft but irresistible power from you and from a few other folks coming from different backgrounds.
My point was not that you or I believe differently from that but, again, pointing out that use of language, how things may be read here, may well be leading to misunderstandings: for many aikido folk who have felt the "hard" throwing, muscling power on the mat and have decided it isn't what they want, if those folk are not familiar w/ you or other folks doing internal training, they may likely read your use of the word power as synonymous with that approach because it is their only point of reference for "power" in an aikido context.

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