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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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was thinking about the yoga ball, that i used as chair, that i am sitting on top at the moment. i pushed it around, pounced on it, stretched my back, pushing it into walls, and so on. it always bounced back and/or diverted by power elsewhere. it's firm yet yielding. it flexed and held its shape. the only thing i have not tried yet is wearing leotard while using the ball.

a thought occur to me (i know random thought just pop in and out, must have been because of too much empty space) that if you spin the yin-yang symbol on its axis, it would be a yin-yang sphere, which doesn't really mean anything at all.
Okay, take your body and...go be a ball. Ya might as well use the old and tired...go relax.
It's more martial art B.S. that has produced...well...what we are looking at in modern budo.

There are things you can do with your body that will produce the effect we are discussing but arguing over the properties of spheres, and spirals is pure crap. Doubt it? Just go feel the guys using all the mechanical models. It's the neatest thing to do; take away someones waza, don't let them do a technique and see what they have. Most everyone has nothing. Nothing at all. After all this talk, after 40 years of discussing aiki, they really don't know what it means or how it is accomplished, and when put to any number of tests they simply fail and fall apart.

How the body is affected by the mind is critical.We need to arrive at a point that is beyond all debate, we should be looking at palpable results.
Does it really matter what someones internet opinion is?
What their rank is?
Is there anyone left who wants provable results?
It is the most amazing thing to hear someone and read someone talk of ki testing or internal power and aiki ..and be out teaching in public and then watch their videos as...they...wobble and fall apart with highly cooperative testing inside their own dojo then enter into a dialogue with people who are publicly known for remaining stable in highly stressed environments. I know budo is...uhm...unique and groovy with many waza and neat histories of tales of yore and all, but I think honest self-assessment of actual deliverables goes a long way.

All of our legends and the founders of our arts, are of men with unusual power, unusual fighting ability!
Who are the modern men with unusual power?
Unusual fighting ability?
Where are the students with unusual power and fighting ability?
What the heck is going on that there is a catastrophic failure of deliverables and no one cares? They seemingly just want to be a part of a groovy club doing a hobby
Budo and aiki and ki....what a weird concept, where real results don't matter to those paying and sweating. It's like a swimming coach who's students all drown and he argues "swimming" with the other coaches who produce winners.

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