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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The question then arises that if the balance of ki is meant to be in you BEFORE it is manifest between you and someone else "AIki in me, before aiki between thee and me" how and where does that change and engagement?
I contend that the *blending* everyone is shooting for-including the misunderstood four legged animal model-is incorrect and will leave you open for counters and being controlled youself. It is not and never was the aiki the Asians were noting as a deep level of control.

When is cooperation useful?
What are its limits?
When is it meaningful to create pressure?
What kind of pressure?
Against who?

When does cooperation cause more harm and hamper progress?
When is it self defeating and self deluding?
When is it antithetical to real martial skills?

Love and kindness in me before love and kindness between thee and me.

Co operation.

They act, I act making one co-act. A co operation.

Unlimited. Always useful. Never creates pressure. Against anyone. Never causes harm. Never self defeating, a continuous state of winning. Pure Aikido martial.

So be it.

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