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Michael Neal
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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

"Every martial art is good at what it was created for" Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin Interview-Sport BJJ vs. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense vs Martial Arts, The Reality

Listen to this story about how BJJ did nothing to help him against home invaders with guns.

I think this is brilliant actually, it is the key to the whole "my style is better than yours" argument. Aikido is great at what it was created for, modified from the battlefield art of jujutsu involving swords and weapons and open hand techniques versus swords and weapons. It can also be used again committed open hand attacks as well but Aikido excels at avoiding mutiple attackers and defending against weapons, if it is trained for this purpose, not simply spirituality and harmony.

That is where it developed and where it excels, it will never be BJJ, wrestling, muay thai or something else.

Is Aikido the best art for a one on one fight in a ring, probably not. Is BJJ the best art for street fights with mutiple participants who may or may not have weapons, probably not.

Lets just be real and stop bashing other arts, they are alll great at what they do and what they were developed to deal with if trained well and properly for real defense.
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