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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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been there. done that.

always wondering why folks shy away from acquiring power? as though, power is a bad thing. perhaps they don't trust themselves with it? i don't have problem with power. foods and women, on the hand, are problematic.

question, is a sphere (3-D) a stable shape?
The idea of one point or sphere is good but basic and not really where we want to go. Ueshiba had a better, more refined idea than Tohei-even though Tohei had a lot of power.

When it comes to why modern Aikido-ka shying away from power...
a. Because beyond all protestations to the contrary-they really have no understanding of what was meant by *power* in the arts. They continue to think it is flexing and using muscle.
b. Because the teachers themselves who held this knowledge do not- or do not know *how*... to teach.
c. There are those teaching "Internal power" and "aiki" who pale in comparison to those who understand it. All they are really doing is muddying the waters even further.
It can't be helped.

Hopefully, the dialogue has served to increase awareness. As people get exposure, they are going to see the forrest for the trees and prevent themselves from getting lost in the weeds by listening to people who really have no business teaching aiki, and also those who claim to teach but don't.
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