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Re: talking and listening

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Some thoughts here....perspectives in play.....some of the folks here, me included, see Aikido as fundamentally as a form of modern physical self-defense, limited in some ways, but still a form of self-defense in a physical setting. I don't see Aikido as a way to operate my daily life, it is not a way to world peace and it isn't universal love. Tools for conversation, for listening, for conflict resolution, for teaming, for getting along with others...all exist outside of Aikido and much of it before Aikido came into play. My use of distraction with my daughter when she was young didn't come out of Aikido...... Given that related principles exist here and could be touching behavior in ways I don't see......the fundamental approach I have taken to Aikido shapes the way I see the dialog.

As for imposing one's will on may not always be that. As I think back about the situation I related to in the Campus Pub when it was clear to me that the intent of the individual seated at the bar was to take a swing at me and my saying something to him distracted him, wiggled him....maybe imposed an idea on him rather than imposing me on him. Had I dropped him on the spot that would have been imposing me on him.... Maybe we impose ideas on folks as a condition less than imposing ourselves on them. Just a thought.


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