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Ai symbol Re: Does This make me Racist?

[quote=" ()"]I prefer my aikido filtered through an NON-"Japanese-as-a-First-language" Sensei be that an English, French, Italian or what-have-you.

Is it because I'm lazy? Or are we witnessing the imported-and-improved aikido for the next generation?

I'm not a xenophobe; if you have an opinion then answer my question: Does a prefer for gaijin Sensei make me racist?

Hmmm. Preferences can reflect ignorance or a sense of what is personally meaningful or worthwile. Is something a good fit? How does one accomodate individual learning styles? Still, despite the need to respect individual differences, I can't help but wonder whether the preference for "non-english as a first language senseis reflects an inability to move beyond a fixed way of perceiving one's environment. Aikido is not about verbal language. Rather, it is about understanding that includes language, but is not bound by syntax, grammer or vocabulary. To train with an open mind is to "hear" without fixed understanding.
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