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Re: talking and listening

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Then the first man peeled his orange and ate the fruit and the other man zested the skin and threw out the fruit.
With just a little more communication they both could have all of what they wanted.

I have heard the orange story before, and I agree with its point. "Talking and Listening" are the yin and yang of a verbal communications system; they cannot exist without each other and they both have responsibilities within the relationship - The Talker is responsible to ensure the Listener understands the message and the Listener is responsible to ensure the Talker knows they understand the message - this is accomplished via an 'echo' where the Listener repeats back the message to the Talker and the Talker responds with an acknowledgment - in military communications, this is crucial,

Unfortunately, language (verbal and written) is an extremely poor communications system due to the vast potential for misunderstanding from filtering, assumption, and culture influences; this entire Forum is full of examples of this. IMO, I think too many people are talking when they should be listening, and there is way not enough 'echoing' going on Some say mathematics is the universal communications language because it is what it is and there is no room for misunderstanding - so with that in mind, here is my best binary verse: 11100011101110110011001110111111100000111000111110001100000011111100101010011000

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