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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
By the way...Happy Birthday Mary

Everyone.....Let us take a different approach....... Let me ask a question and have everyone answer.....

Question: Where would you want to have the ability to be stable in all directions when moving and essentially not be throw-able? What circumstances could exist where this ability could be useful?

Let's think of it from that perspective..

How would you answer these?

After rereading this, I'd add that I would want to be unbalanced/unstable, in some way, in order to provide my training partner with something to take advantage of or to show what it feels like compared with a more stable operation.
Otherwise, I'm pretty much always trying to be balanced in all directions and to use my whole body to apply pressure to my partner's center through whatever point(s) I'm making contact with. As uke this translates into an effort for a single, well-defined attack which nage should be able to respond to in a way which allows him or her to seize control, and through that control, move me more or less at will. If nage doesn't seize control enough, then as uke, because I'm always trying to "be nage" somewhat, some part of my body rotates and I try to enter around their strength. My understanding is that, to the extent that I am balanced, my body will naturally find parts with which to enter into aite. I am always somewhat off balance in the sense that I do not use my body perfectly, so in a sense, i would think we are always being unstable, it's just that it's up to the other person to understand or otherwise be developed enough to take advantage of it.
Sorry if I am repeating anything others have already said, or if I'm missing the point. I'm juggling my lads while typing this...cyber randori!
Take care!

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