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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I wonder if your hold was logical or were you just standing there holding on in front of your nage? Did they try to break your nose or kick you in the groin? Then your resistance was probably logical otherwise it was just about you standing there hold a sack of mostly water dressed in a gi.
Resistance training have two basic goals, the first is to learn to apply technique with the least amount of effort, the second is to (learn how to) exclude ego from the training situation.
With resistance training uke and nage have to agree on what is being resisted othervise it devolves into a useless battle of strength and will.
When two practitoners from different schools meet, they often disagree or donīt understand the other persons angle on the concept of cooperation in training.
Beginners should not to be resisted. All they need to know is how to do the technique step by step and the senior show them by leading them through the technique as their uke.
Later on the idea is to refine technique by showing your partner his weaknesses by resisting his technique at itīs weak points, by all means not to resist his learning.
It takes sensibility and putting ego aside- from both uke and nage.
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