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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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Could Tohei throw Ueshiba?
Could Ueshiba throw Tohei?
What if neither could throw the other?
Who then would be doing Aikido?
And do you see Aikido as being only about developing the ability to throw people; or becoming unthrowable; or both; or neither?
Is the acquisition of power that ultimately becomes simultaneously irresistible and unyielding the goal of your training?
And how will you know if you ever get there?

Why did Ueshiba and Tohei continue to demonstrate being a laudable skill?
Why were we told to cooperate when they...did not?

How does one know ones skill level?
Leave your dojo, go meet BJJ and Judo and MMA guys and let them try and throw you. Find big Somoans and tested sport winners.
Then...try experts in the Martial arts. The latter being far easier than the former.

When does a physical skill...mean people can only function with cooperation in physical interaction? If we change that, what are parameters? When does Ueshiba style testing to develop ki become aikido?
When does the testing become increasingly stressed?
Against who?

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