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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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Recently it was remarked that I was resisting ... I was just standing there and nage was unable to move me - or himself (much). I was not intending to resist but was just keeping myself balanced and maintaining my hold on nage. Even if ones center is only margianlly developed things get complicated very quickly without overt cooperation.
If that is only marginally developed...what happens next?
What is the goal in Aikido?
Is it to develop centered movement?
If it is- at what point is your center better than someone elses?
What happens then?

Or is the fall down when someone less developed tries to throw you?
Does that only apply when they are learning?
If so, how does their center get better?
Do you test them again pressure?
What pressure?
Against who?
What is acceptable testing?
Is the goal testing aiki power?
Or testing fighting skill?
What if a sword cut can be cut right through and totally dominate the person cutting?
Is that bad?
Is it bad to win?
Is it bad to stop their violence by dominating them and creating a peaceful outcome?
Is it a good thing to develop center driven power to a level where few can stop you?
Is this not what Ueshiba, Shirata, Shioda, Tohei were doing and known for, looked up to...and created followers because of it?
Are they bad Aikido examples?
Why were we taught to always cooperate?

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