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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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From another thread (starting a new one as suggested).

What happens if one persons center is extremely more developed?
Can you see a huge differential?
At what point does the word "power" enter into an agreement of movement when person "a" simply has no choice against person "b" moving in whatever manner they want?
Why develop center?
Why develop ki?
At a point in time there is power differential similar to an adult doing aikido with a child. The child cannot throw the adult despite his best efforts. The adult "cooperates" and throws himself so the child can practice to his best ability. The child is then successful within his potential.
At what point does the adult get to practice?
What if the adult cannot be thrown by other adults?

By most accounts
1. Tohei could not be thrown
2. Ueshiba could not be thrown
3. Were they doing aikido when despite their best efforts.... no one could throw them?

Ueshiba thought he was doing aikido. He was listening to Uke and blending-thus uke could do nothing. At what point does the mere presence of two people mean one is excerting his will...even just by agreeing? At what point is denying you are exerting your will in a physical interaction...just simply *denial*?
What do you think?
Recently it was remarked that I was resisting ... I was just standing there and nage was unable to move me - or himself (much). I was not intending to resist but was just keeping myself balanced and maintaining my hold on nage. Even if ones center is only margianlly developed things get complicated very quickly without overt cooperation.

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