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Question Re: shinken?

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Chris, most of them are made in China, if not all. Check their website as I think the details of manufacture are described. I was given my Dragonfly katana by my family and dojo mates and I went back and purchased the wakazashi and tanto subsequently. They will send you their catalog and you and your sensei can take a look and see if their blades will meet your needs. If you aren't in a rush, attend next year's tokenkai in San Francisco and look at some beautiful antique blades.
Not in a rush, not at all. Thanks, we'd be delighted to check out the "tokenkai" in Fr'isco.
Makes me cringe to think I may have to buy a luxury item of Japanese design -- that I do not need, but want if my training progress to that level -- from China.
So then, Made in Japan forged (laminated?) nihonto starts at what price, I wonder? I'd be willing to pay the comparable cost of a Col 45ACP pistol, at minimum, up to that of an American forged receiver LRB Arms M14SA rifle.

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