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Damien Bohler (shadow) wrote:
at my dojo, bukiwasa is as standard a part of the training as taijitsu, both are given equal training time per day and weapons are also considered an important part of the grading curriculum.
That kind of emphasis on weapons is characteristic of the Iwama style of Aikido. Most other styles do not emphasize weapons to the same extent. It is said that O sensei did most of his weapons work at the Iwama dojo and would even become upset when people practiced at weapons at Honbu, presumably because they didn't have sufficient basic weapons skills to be doing what they were doing.
what emphasis does your (in the general sense) dojo blace on bukiwasa?
Very little. The problem outside of the Iwama style is that there is little standardization of weapons practice. Weapons experience varies greatly among teachers and some highly ranked Aikido teachers may not have the skill or interest to teach weapons.
do you see it inseperable from tai jitsu?
Generally, no. They are obviously related, as jujutsu originally developed in Japan as an adjunct to weapons systems and weapons, particularly the sword, strongly influenced origins of Aikido taijutsu. However, in modern practice, there is little practical need for weapons training, and Aikido in general seems to be moving away from an emphasis on weapons.
i train this way, but i take it as given and get bored training so much weapons. but i do think they have added greatly to all aspects of my aikido training.
Weapons training can help with understanding certain aspects of taijutsu, but I think that beyond a certain point one is studying the weapons as skills in and of themselves. Unfortunately, because of the inconsistent nature of weapons training throughout Aikido, the correct use of weapons is often not being taught, and much of this work is of limited value. For this reason, I prefer to study weapons in arts such as iaido where there is a proven, fully developed weapons curriculum.
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