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Re: talking and listening

First of all, I am really, really confused about the whole discussion in this thread - Marks post sounded completely on topic, civil and reasonable to me and in my view had nothing at all to do with "thread hijacking". He postet his opinion (actually backed by O-Sensei's quote) on the OP and didn't even really contradict it, just brought a different angle into the discussion. I don't really see the point of a discussion if only people who agree with everything are allowed to post in a thread and the rest are supposed to "open their own thread"...

@topic: For me, there are two different ways of interpreting the analogy.

If I just look at the technique, I wouldn't agree. When I'm uke, my goal is to attack with all I have(and hit tori, if possible), then take my balance back, maybe attack again. Tori's goal is to unbalance me and do his technique.

But obviously I also enjoy being unbalanced, I enjoy being thrown, I enjoy being able to give everything I have and the technique still works on me. So in a more general way - yes, of course everyone can have what they want. I enjoy being uke at least as much as being nage, probably more. I guess in part *because* I don't get what I want in the technique. But that doesn't mean I don't get what I want from the training...

Understandable? I don't know, it's hard to put that stuff into words...
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