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Re: talking and listening

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
This to me has nothing to do with the thread.
One could say that it has nothing to do with the original post.

It has something to do with Mark's habitual thread jacking, his exceedingly narrow, mechanistic, and reductionist approach that, however overtly civil, consistently takes an aggressive and hostile line toward any analogy or metaphor which isn't congruent with said approach, and his perpetual refusal to allow any conversation to develop along any lines that would seem troublesome to any one of several types of 'thinkers' referenced in my post, which distinguishes itself from his initial reply by the honesty of its aggressive tone and content, as distinct from the meretricious, disingenuous and destructively argumentative logorrhea which he inflicts on any original poster who begins from a set of premises distinct from his idee fixe.

In this sense it has to do with the original post -- on which I take no position -- precisely so as to allow for the discussion of others on that topic without the habitual interference of someone who always talks but rarely listens, and whose qualifications to do so are (Gary Welborn's post above notwithstanding) dubious.

Power moves objects. Metaphor moves history. This is not a matter which should be relegated to the sidebar because of a few individuals with a monomania, no matter how fruitful that monomania may be in some respects.

On which note I will say goodnight and STFU.


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