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Re: talking and listening

Nicholas Eschenbruch wrote: View Post
Wow. From this point onward I understand Mary's feeling that there is a hostile group.
Hello Nicholas,
There is no hostility from me. I am actually agreeing to Mary's initial post and as such trying to keep that communication going so that there is no need to split the orange, per se. Unfortunately Mary's reply was, IMO, to split the orange. Which, then, brings me back to her initial post, which I was agreeing with. For the idea to work, there must be an openness on both sides. I agree with Mary's example - I think the orange would work for both of us rather than splitting it. As the example given, one must extend the communication. Either Mary truly believes in that initial post's ideology in the greater scheme of things or she just wants to post about her very own topics with no interference from others -- in other words, cut the orange in half. Hence my confusion.

To me, it was an illustrative post to start bridging the gap ... opening conversation ... but perhaps not.

Perhaps only one side has been willing to extend the conversation between every single aikido group out there, between aikido and all other martial arts, between young and old, between varied practices of martial to just health only, between disparate levels of skill, between women and men, all laughing, talking, training, from joyous to intense training ... while the other side ... I don't know. I'm still waiting for the confusion to clear ... words are easy, living them is tough.
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