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Re: talking and listening

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
... we can both have all that we want.
This, I think, is an illusion.

I think there are times, both can have what they want.
And there are times, only one can have what he wants. And the other can't.

Wisdom to me seems to learn to distinguish these situations.
Wisdom to me seems to learn to know, when it is poosible for me to give in and to give away.
Wisdom to me seems to understand, when I have to push through my interests and get what I want.

aikidō to me is a method to help me to push trough my interestes in a bodily conflict. Because it is made to make another person follow what I want to do him or her. This is what I learned all those years as the essence of aiki. And this I try to teach.
If I don't have to push throug my intentions, there is no need using - what I understand as - aikidō. Then I can just let go.

(18 years of practice, no one here will know my direct teacher [rokudan aikikai], but his teachers where Yamaguchi sensei and Sugino sensei [my teacher is german shibucho of the sugino dōjō. And are Endo and Tissier sensei. My level I don't want to judge myself. As a theologist I follow the hermeneutics of Klaus Berger. Does any of this informations in any way help to judge my answer?)
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