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Re: talking and listening

I am not Mark though I agree with him in part and call him friend. So I have answered some of your questions below from my perspective.....

Fred Little wrote: View Post
With all due respect, Mark, I would ask that you publicly answer the following questions prior to responding to Mary:

What is your current level of active engagement with Aikido practice?
Currently I am involved with the dojo I started with back in 1974. The grandson of my original teacher is now dojo cho and I am there to support him. The dojo will celebrate 50 years of continuous existence in 2014

Fred Little wrote: View Post
Who were/are your direct Aikido instructors?
I put a picture up of who I felt had major influences on my is in the Sensei section of the image gallery. some you may know and some you will not. I took ukemi from all of them.

Fred Little wrote: View Post
How much direct experience do you have with Aikido practice?
1974 to 2012....38 years

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Are you still a global climate change denialist?
it is what it is....not sure what the point was with this one other than to paint Mark with the color of another set you don't agree with or like.

Fred Little wrote: View Post
Are you now or have you ever been a bible-thumper?
Is this one to separate the bible-thumpers from the New Age spiritual folks? As for me I am neither.

As for this whole dialog about Aikido, Aiki, Aiki-do, and beyond.... Maybe it is all about context...maybe that is what you were trying to establish with your question to Mark.

As for the situation.....we have two ends of the spectrum here with folks that take a New Age approach to all of this feeling that Aiki is blending and timing driven by love and those who might be more appropriately as fundamentalist rather than Bible-Thumpers. To me, again to me, the new age approach works in a cooperative environment on a steady basis, depending on the individual it may work in other environments dependent upon a number of factors....including how skilled the attacker is, how many are involved...a bunch of elements. ............. this is or can be conversation that never ends......

I understand were love works and I also understand there are places were the time doesn't exist for love to what do you use there? All that Mark has been getting at....and I there is training, years in the doing, that allows the body to remake itself in a way that supports movement that can fit any of the perspectives that have been put forward here. It is hard work and long can't be given to you one day and be effective the next..... and that is the rub here.

In the end maybe is is best we just shut this discussion of who has or does have Aiki, what is effective and what is not, what is the best set of basic training skills, who has it and who doesn't, who does it and who doesn't.......and move on.

Each can be happy with the "where" they are.

As for me....I still see thinks I want to explore....and I have friends that can provide those avenues...Mark being one of those friends.

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