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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Your assessment is spot on. This is my greatest priority in studying martial arts. That is training at point of failure. Too often it gets dismissed as "well what can u do about it", or " just don't let him do that", or " train to prevent it from happening", or "budo is not about this". Etc.

I spend most of my training in this mode, that is, my opponent, assailant etc has the tactical advantage and I need to mitigate this, recover, and put myself back in control.

Those that dismiss this or fail to address this aspect typically do not understand fighting and/or do not have the ability to teach it, so therefore they don't emphasize it.

it may also not be your thing either and you are doing budo for another reason, I'm good with that as long as u are not giving flippant remarks concerning the importance of addressing this important dynamic in a fight.
It reminds me of an interview in Aikido Journal with Isoyama Shihan who was teaching aikido to american soldiers in the Japanese Air selfdefence force. (I canīt remember which issue Aikido Journal) They complained
to him that none of the techniques he taught were done from a position where uke has the tactical advantage so he allowed one of the students to grab hold of him from behind and then he busted his nose with the back of his head. As far as I recall he said: "Aikido is Budo, donīt forget that !" or something like that.
I guess in that context anything goes as long as it puts nage ahead in the "loop" again.
Still it doesnīt steal away from the fact that situational awareness is key, Itīs just a different aspect I guess..?
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