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Re: Kyokushin + Aikido

I have some, limited, exposure to kyokushin karate.

I wear shinpads and 8oz gloves when full contact sparring, jissen kumite, meaning, I've not tasted sport kyukushin/Enshin (Sabaki) sparring with no pads, bareknuckle.

kyokushin does have one limitation: does not condition well on defending head/face vs. punches, so to truely apply kyokushin then should "test" yourself with MMA sparring or muay Thai/International kickbox sparring, eventually.

my previous sparring experiences and tounement exposures did not condition me to defend vs. kicks to legs, when drained of energy and "steaming" with pain after few rounds, so was a quite a surprise to be knocked on to the mat, in both kyokushin (& also in MMA), often by young kyokushin men with mere months of training. Some times I have wondered if I'll walk normally ever again, when those vicious kicks impact very close to my knee: Oie!

kyokushin's satisfying and enlighten cross training to develop stand up full contact timing and distancing for an aikidoka, but don't let that get to your head...or the lack of that basic exposure "blind" you to the sport-kyokushin limitations


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