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Re: L: Loser, Learn, Laugh

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I guess I'm a "mosaic learner"... I've always described it as the "If you throw enough knowledge at a wall, some of it will stick" principle. I like your description better... paints a prettier picture.

Thanks for sharing!
what if you have a Teflon mind? hey, wouldn't that a mime out of the box?

i thought most of aikido teachers have the attitude of: "i got this paintball gun here and i am going to put it on automatic. i am going to plaster you from head to toe. if the paint doesn't stick, then at least i will enjoy the experience. *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* READY? *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* Can't heard you over your screamming!! *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* No? *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* TOO bad! *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft*... *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* Hey! the paint actually stuck to the ass region! new targeting! *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* *pfft* "

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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