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Re: Kyokushin + Aikido

When I first started training, my buddy who got me into aikido got into kyokushin around the same time. He did both for a long time until Kyokushin finally took over and he moved to Hawaii to train pretty much full time. I trained with them a few times and it fits as well as any striking style as far as I recall. You'll definitely gain some good skills to apply to your aikido training and probably a very different perspective (as important as the skill IMO). I say go for it!

I may have stuck with it myself, but after going a few times I did some leg kicking drills with this woman and she broke the Sh!% out of my legs. My legs looked like Fabers after the Aldo fight (look it up if you don't know). She broke me! It wasn't just the merciless unending pain, I sucked it up and fought through an entire night of it, but also the reality that no matter how hard I kicked her, she just didn't care... and I kicked the snot out of her... repeatedly and she just smiled me off and chopped into my thigh like Jack bringing down the bean stalk.... merciless woman... but at least I got this story out of it...

so yah, go for it, it'll do you good.

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